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By Adina Deutsch, ERS Intern Since March, my college routine has been rather mundane – wake up, attend lectures online, do schoolwork, and repeat. I predicted this would stay the same until next year when COVID-19 […]
By Adina Deutsch, ERS Intern The Importance of Reporting Navigating the performance of a retail or wholesale business can be difficult with so many disparate data sources to keep track of and act upon. A good […]
In the world of planning most of us analyze our business and forecast using weekly sales and inventory data. In most cases that makes sense. But recently we’ve had a growing number of clients asking us […]
By Adina Deutsch, ERS Intern The difference between success and failure Now more than ever, sales forecasting is critical for both suppliers and retailers to maintain successful businesses. Staying on top of the consumer’s shopping habits […]
At a retail conference in 2019 (remember those days?), I got to see a lot of statistics, market share information, industry trends and the latest generation of gizmos that will continue to transform the retail world. […]
By Adina Deutsch, Intern Whether you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer, Enhanced Retail Solutions offers free resources to help you achieve your goals. From case studies to a free EDI 852 parser, these resources are designed […]
By Adina Deutsch, Intern From the overnight lifestyle changes to the decrease in financial security, consumers’ shopping habits have changed drastically from the onset of COVID-19. The changes in income and safety protocols have led consumers […]
Behind every great report is a great planner. Someone who knows what questions to ask and how to align data to answer them. At ERS we live and breathe reports and have seen thousands (seriously, we’ve […]
As the holiday season comes to an end it’s a good time to reflect on what worked- and didn’t in your 2018 assortment. Studying the business by item- the productivity versus the investment made in each- […]
With so much uncertainty these days, one thing we can count on is getting older. We need something to cheer about and we have a great opportunity today as ERS celebrates 18 years serving retailers, manufacturers, […]
We often hear from prospects that they have a good handle on planning. Yet if we get the opportunity to work with them, almost immediately we uncover a significant amount of stagnant inventory, missed opportunities due […]
The COVID-19 doesn’t need to spread over the planet to do damage – its secondary effect has already covered the globe: fear. Fear can’t be seen under a microscope – but, it’s all-too visible in the […]