Turn Inventory Faster – Forecast More Accurately
Deepen Visibility to Sales

ERS clients are passionate about collecting, integrating and interpreting POS and inventory data to improve their merchandise decision-making ability. Most companies cannot accomplish that on their own. They need expertise, technology and the engagement of knowledgeable experts to make it happen.


Best Practices, Planning Discipline & Process, Data Interpretation, Vendor Managed Inventory, Category Management


Data Collection & Warehousing, POS Analytic Reporting, Custom Software & Dashboards, Forecasting, Augmented Intelligence


Personal Relationships, Extension of Your Team, Training & Coaching, Multiple Report Delivery Methods, Flexibility & Support

What Makes A Report Great? Here’s our 5 tips.

A Few Things We’re Great At

We deeply understand the retail industry, sales analysis and inventory planning.

POS Retail Analytics

Uncover opportunities & liabilities in your data.

Inventory Planning

Optimize the flow of retail and wholesale inventory


Stay in stock

Custom Dashboards & Software

Apps that solve your problems quickly and affordably

Vendor Managed Inventory

Smart, automated allocation that optimizes inventory.

Data Warehousing & Integration

One place to store and easily access all your data

Download our case studies, terminology guides, retail math and other free resources.

What works best for your organization? 

Understandable interpretations of data put in terms anyone can understand and act on. We use proprietary AI tools to more quickly find and answer questions about your business.


We complement or act as your planning team. We know what questions to ask and live and breathe retail planning every day.

Software As A Service

Complete tool kit for planners, buyers and suppliers. POS analytics, reporting, dashboards, forecasting and more.


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