A New Paradigm in Reporting

People with Experience Don't have the Time, and People with Time Don't Have The Experience


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What It Is

No Set Up

We process your data and you just start taking action. No report set up.

Get Your Life Back

Collapses days of human powered work to seconds. Scans thousands of SKU-Store combinations.

Retail & Wholesale

Integrates Retail POS SKU-Store data with Wholesale Inventory and Forecast data.

Make More Money

It does the analysis for you, searching every SKU-Store combination looking for opportunities.

It's Really, Really Smart

Mixes AI technologies with good old fashioned Retail Know-How

Keeps You On Your Toes

Keeps tabs on your business and recommends what you should take action on.

How It Works

We translate your POS data and the system scans through the data.
Presents you with the most relevant, actionable opportunities.


RetailNarrative Powered by Enhanced Retail Solutions LLC

Why We Built RetailNarrative

Most companies approach retail analytics and planning with a battery of weekly run reports to help them get a grasp of their business. It consumes so much time that they don't get around to taking much action. It also requires a great deal of expertise to do it right: someone to load data (SQL expert), someone to create and format reports, someone to send it, someone to analyze it, and finally, maybe at the end of all that, take action. This process typically takes 40-50 people hours a week. We developed Retail Narrative to solve those point points. AI technologies exist- but they are generic in nature. We wanted to use AI concepts and integrate our 100+ years of retail knowledge with it. The system knows what to look for- how to judge item and store performance, inventory productivity, etc. The culmination is a paradigm change in reporting that most users can't believe. What use to take them several days is now done in seconds. Call us today to learn how it can significantly improve your business today.

Contact Info

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  •   214 W. 39th Street, New York, NY
  •   info@ers-c.com
Example Client Set Up
Retail Chains
Store Count
Hours/Week Saved
If I can find just one opportunity per week that would probably never have been uncovered by my team I am adding significant value. Retail Narrative enables me to do that.


Billion Dollar Ladies Inner Wear Company
My team uses Retail Narrative to quickly get a grasp of our business each week- to see which items might need attention or where we might have opportunities to grow our business.
Director of Sales

Director of Sales

Global Appliance Manufacturer
We were not able to provide upper management with reports until Wednesday before we had Narrative. Now, even on Sundays we get immediate insight into our business.
Director of Planning

Director of Planning

Home Textiles Manufacturer


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